Speed Pigeon Nets

Speed Pigeon Nets are offered by us, which will be durable and reliable. We also custom-engineer safety netting and fall protection solutions. We make durable, dependable safety nylon netting in any size or shape for any type of site—whether it is for building houses, high-rises, or bridges. Due to its strength, it supports heavy load and is stabilized against adverse atmospheric condition. The commitment, efficiency and in-depth knowledge of our experts have helped us in offering our collection as per the precise requirements detailed by our clients.we provide professionals manufacture range of Work and Industrial Safety Products in accordance with the international quality standards.

A installer will come to your site, attach the nets to the insides of the top plates of your structure, stretching them out across the entire room, just beneath where people are working, thus creating a safe “catching net” if someone was to fall the trusses or forming the roof itself.

Yes! Providing a safe working environment is not just a good idea, it’s the law! There is a reasonably good understanding amongst many people in building and construction that if the distance of possible fall is greater than 3 metres then steps must be taken to prevent any fall from occurring. .

All safety nets used must be subjected to an annual test of the energy absorption capacity of the net. When new, a safety net will normally be supplied with three test meshes loosely attached to the safety net. At no more than 12 month periods a test mesh will be taken off and tested.

The Katchakid serves as a barrier between the child and water. While the network is in good condition, correctly positioned and tightened, the network can support the weight of a small child near the edge of the pool.

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